Many people wish to know the difference between used, antique and vintage guitars. It is pretty interesting to know the history of guitars from ancient times to the newer ones in .Lets discuss the difference between used, vintage and antique guitars and when you prefer to buy a used guitar, the best option would be to buy a collectible vintage guitar.

As the name implies, the used guitar is the guitar, which is not fairly new. It can be any guitar, which is not on store shelves right now, or old stock which is available in storage. Recently there are many numbers of models, and you can buy a guitar in any price range, which eventually increases the count of guitars sold.

Vintage guitars are also used guitars, but the only difference is that vintage guitars are those guitars, which were used towards the end of WWII and before 1980’s. Vintage guitars can be either hollow or solid body guitars and sometimes it is made of high-quality wood like Brazilian Rosewood and one-piece bodies. They are hand-made, unlike the automated milling which is used nowadays. When compared to the sum of used guitars vintage guitars are just a small portion of used guitars.

Many famous musicians collect vintage and acoustic guitars as a hobby. Some of the collectible vintage brands are Fender, Epiphone, Gibson, Rickenbacker. Antique guitars are also used guitars, but these guitars are usually older than the vintage guitars built before WWII. Antique guitars are fragile than the vintage guitars because of its hollow structure, the period used and age. Antique guitars can be any guitars which were used from 15th to 18th century to pre-WWII guitars which are electric ones. Many people buy antique guitars only to have them as a collectible and rarely play them. The antique guitar can be of any brand from low cost to higher end brands like Gibson.

Many debate whether to buy a vintage guitar or a used guitar. There are few main reasons to choose a vintage guitar.

They produce a better tone due to the construction techniques and the materials used they create a unique tone when compared to new version guitars. There is no way you can enjoy Beatles or Jimi Hendrix on a modern guitar. All players have their personal preference, but the superiority of the tone is much better in vintage guitars when compared to modern guitars. Vintage guitars hold a name and are available in different price ranges. In recent times the popularity of vintage guitars is becoming more and more. The value of ordinary guitars don’t appreciate and usually depreciates.

When you are confused on where to start, you should take the first step in educating yourself first. Then you can have a chat with the dealers and can talk to the guitar players on the type of guitar they enjoy playing. You can also get some insight through music magazines like Vintage Guitar magazine. Now you are all set to have fun by collecting and performing vintage guitars.